Let There Be Life - Inspiring Life Art ( 8 x 10 Inches)
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Let There Be Life - Inspiring Life Art ( 8 x 10 Inches)

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Here's the story behind the painting :
One day in worship, the image of a fetus in the roots of a tree
came to me so clearly that i knew i had to paint it.
When i researched if anything like that had been done,
i found that atheists and pro-choice advocates have used the analogy
that an acorn is no more an oak tree than as a fetus is a baby!
Then i knew why the Lord wanted it painted!
It took me months to develop the idea.
As i worked it up, it became part of the creation event
- as well as for individuals.
Several women have cried while viewing it 
so i know it touches a deep place in their hearts.

The orderly chaos in the background represents creation as 
the Glory of the Lord breathed life into mankind.
It also represents His creation of you,
as He keeps you safe in His womb of life.

Ps 139: 13-16 ; Jer 1: 5 ; Eph 1: 4-10

Original Art by Claudia Klann